Project Phases and Costs

Phase I: Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design

  • REP will visit Charlottesville and our proposed location to conduct a feasibility study and conceptual design of the envisioned feature, as well as estimated total project costs.
  • The conceptual design will include preliminary drawings of preferred design, and will consider whitewater recreation opportunities, safety for both boaters and swimmers near the feature, riverfront park space for enhanced public access to river, passage for native fish species, minimization of adverse impacts on riparian and river habitat, stream habitat restoration, input of local community members and proximate landowners, and relevant regulatory concerns.
  • Total cost of Phase 1: $9,600
  • Timing: We hope to raise these funds and contract REP to conduct Phase I by Summer 2015.

Phase II: Stakeholder Meeting and Permitting

Phase III: Final Design and Construction

For more information, check out REP’s Proposal, pages 21- 24


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