About This Project

A world-class whitewater feature on the Rivanna River is almost a reality, but we need YOUR help to bring it to fruition. Local kayakers and community members are working, in conjunction with the Rivanna Conservation Society, to build a whitewater park in our hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. Our city has a vibrant outdoor culture, enabled by the many trails, parks, and rivers in the region, but we believe it could be even better. The Rivanna River is quite literally in our backyard, yet few people spend time on the river on a regular basis. We have a vision of creating two accessible, beautiful, perfect surf waves on the Rivanna at Darden Towe Park by enhancing pre-existing artificial ledges. These waves would be free, and safe, for use by people of many ages and skill levels, on many different types of water crafts, and would create a central gathering place for water-sports enthusiasts in the region. We believe this would be a boom for the outdoor community of Charlottesville, and for the city as a whole.

We have engaged Recreation Engineering and Planning (REP) to design and build this project. REP has built more than 80 instream projects, including 80% of all whitewater parks in North America! If you are interested in more information, check out REP’s proposal and our Facebook page and Like us for continued updates!